Motor Surveying

Vehicle Inspection - Quality controlling - Loss adjusting - Valuation Service

Vehicle Inspection

Our qualified Engineers and surveyors will ensure accurate assessment of vehicle damages that helps in your purchasing decisions as well as pre inspections. We pride on our Service process for insurance surveys & Damage settlement reports.

Quality Controlling

The global supply chain has its pain points standing right by its benefits. With our quality control services as part of the process that will ensure product specification, safety and its quality. So that you will get what your supplier led you to believe.

Valuation Service

We prioritize the preferences of our clients. Our surveyors are adequately equipped with required skills for providing Vehicles / Machineries Valuation services. This reduces the risk of inappropriate insurance cover, and helps strike a balance of cost to benefit. Our carefully researched, market-based valuations are helping many customers to strive for better asset management.

Loss Adjusting

Loss Adjustment and Surveying Services are the core part of our business focus to deliver the finest possible services in all classes of Insurance to both our Clients and their Customers.

We work closely with our Clients as well as their Customers and understand their needs to ensure that we add value in Service Delivery.

Our Loss Adjusting Professionals are the best in their technical knowledge and ability to display empathy with claimants and their claims that is an essential attribute to get success in this segment of the market.